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Week 8 5:2 fast diet results

The 5:2 Fast Diet week 7: Ten days left!

Today marks the beginning of the end of my initial fast diet 'experiment'. I have 10 days left on the diet before I go on holiday, and right now my weight is hovering somewhere around the 153lb mark. My next update will be my... Read more »

Fast diet weigh in

The 5:2 Fast Diet week 6: The goal is in sight

For those who've been following my fast diet progress, you may know I have just under 3 weeks left until my big deadline. I go on holiday on 11th May and by that point my goal is to have weighed in at least once under 150lbs... Read more »


The Fast Diet Week 4: four weeks, five inches...

It's time for a 4-week update on my 5:2 fast diet experience, my latest weigh-in, and some pretty amazing changes to my measurements! In four weeks, I have lost approximately 4lbs according to the scales. Because I'm a bit... Read more »

chart of weight during first 3 weeks of fast diet

The Fast Diet week 3: The first 'wobble'

Week three (and a bit) of my experiment with the 5:2 fast diet has been the first one where I've stepped on the scales and had 'a wobble'. You see, Easter happened. There was a visit from my parents, afternoons spent in pubs, a... Read more »


The 5:2 fast diet week 2: measuring up!

I'm one fast into week three of The 5:2 Fast Diet , and I'm still mostly positive about how well this is working. The two 500 calorie fast days are still totally fine (even when the office feeders whip out Easter eggs in... Read more »


Taste Test: Rodial Crash Diet Smoothie's

This is a difficult post to write about Rodial, and one I have been sitting on for a while. I love a lot of Rodial products (their Glamotox mask and Glam Balm to name a few) and have always been a fan of their tongue in... Read more »


Christmas Party Slimming Secret: Wicked Tickles Satin Overbust Corset by Vollers

Christmas is in the air, and with it come a host of parties, nights on the town, and general good times. New Year is round the corner and ladies countrywide are dusting off their frocks and squeezing into their dresses.... Read more »

special k new.jpg

Two Weeks on the Special K plan: Week Two

Our intrepid columnist Emma Cossey takes on week 2 of the Special K Plan. Day Eight Breakfast: Special K Fruit & Nut clusters Snack: Cherries Lunch: Special K Sustain Snack: Carrot sticks and a smidgen of houmous... Read more »

special k new.jpg

Two Weeks on the Special K plan: Week One

Emma Cossey, aged 25 and a half, takes on The Special K 2 Week Plan. I can't deny it any longer. After months of eating out with my boyfriend Peter, enjoying cocktails with friends and working from home within 5ft of... Read more »


BodyChef Diet Delivery review: Week One

After some major indulgence last month, I decided it was time to take action as bikini season is looming once more. I turned to BodyChef for help with my diet as they offer a personalized diet delivery programme... Read more »

c2c clinic.jpg

Endermologie Lipomasasage Treatment Review at the C2 Clinic

Cellulite is one of those universal problems that effects women of all shapes and sizes. There's nothing that can fix it permanently, as even liposuction can't change the appearance, but there are many things you can do... Read more »


The Purifyne Programme Detox Diaries: Days 3, 4, and 5

I'm trialling out the Purifyne juice detox diet on a quest to get clearer skin and more energy. Read on for news of how I'm finding the programme! Day 3 I wake up with a distinctly furry tongue and a severe lack... Read more »


Purifyne Juice fast Detox: The Detox Diaries

With less than a week to go till Valentine's day, some of you may be starting to stress about fitting into that trusty LBD. Well, never fear, there's a way to look glowing and ravishing on the night that doesn't involve... Read more »


DynaShape- Treatment Review at the Face and Body Clinic

I have a soft spot in my heart for the Face & Body Clinic, as I had session of Ultratone with its lovely owner Shenaz Shariff last year. If anyone can make donning paper panties and lying supine on a table a comfortable... Read more »


NoshDetox Diet Delivery System: Review of their ABC Programme

It's time to do something about that party season weight gain that still lingers from a summer full of Mojito's and over indulgence on BBQ food. With Christmas around the corner, now is not the best time to diet, but once... Read more »


Treatment Review: Beautytek at the Meditech Clinic Chelsea

Winter has entered our domain and with its blustering winds comes women bundling up in scarves and coats. It's all to easy to let body maintenance fall by the wayside, but with Xmas party season just round the corner, it's... Read more »

fresh juice in a glass.jpg

The 5 Day Urban Detox Diet: The Verdict

Five days have passed since I embarked on my juice fast and it's gone surprisingly well. Yes, there have been some up and downs, and my energy has gone from zero to 100, and then stabilized somewhere in the seventy... Read more »


The 5 Day Urban Detox: Day Five

Day five of my self imposed 5 day Hydro Healing juice fast and I'm still going strong. Waking up to hot water and lemon seems so easy I think I may continue it, and quite a few people have said how glowing I look. Then... Read more »


The 5 Day Urban Detox Diet: Days 3 & 4

The last two days have been a whirl of foul tasting cleansing drinks and delicious juice smoothies, and have sped past at a bizarrely fast rate. I've moved from utter exhaustion and mental collapse on days one and two... Read more »


The 5 Day Urban Detox Diet : Day 2

Sometimes I commit to things without fully considering the ramifications, and that's just what had happened today. It's a glorious sun filled afternoon and I'm standing in the grounds of Silverstone, grumpily clutching... Read more »


The 5 Day Urban Detox: Day One

Today is the day my five day juice fast begins, and I'm having a tough time psyching myself up for it. My four juices for today arrived by courier last night, and I swig the one numbered Juice one questioningly at... Read more »


Kiss and Makeup Review: The 5 day Urban Detox from Hydro Healing

With summer in the offing and those comforting layers of coats being hung up for the season, we've all had that moment where we stare critically ins the mirror. Some toss their head and move on, pleased with their... Read more »

get waisted.jpg

Get Waisted with Mama Mio

Last year I tried out Bootcamp for Boobs from Mama Mio, and became an instant devotee to their products,. The formulas they create feel amazing on the skin, sink in ever so quickly AND provide noticeable results, so... Read more »

TopView- Body Analyser.jpg

Salter bathroom scales reveal so much more than your weight...

When do you weigh yourself? If you're anything like me you'll do it first thing in the morning, stark naked and sucking in your stomach for good measure (don't ask me why). You expect to see the needle raise perilously... Read more »

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Rodial's Skinny Beach helps firms you up inside and out

We all long for a slighter trimmer tum and smoother thighs, but we know that to see results we have to put in time at the gym- and this is where our resolution fails us. Well Skinny Beach won't replace hardcore exercise... Read more »


Hello Kitty/Slendertone mashup

OK, I'm still carrying a couple of Christmas pounds, and as it's nearly Feb (with the dreaded Valentine's day looming, I feel like I should get my arse into gear. And naturally, being the doyenne of the sofa, I'd like a... Read more »


The New You Bootcamp : Results Day Diary

Omigod, just realized this is it, I won't be here with all these lovely women anymore- it's over! I slept really badly as real life kept intruding in my dreams, and thoughts of emails and deadlines frustrated me, waking... Read more »