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Tria Laser Hair Removal Device 1 Month Update

It's been a little over a month since I first told you about my experience with the Tria Laser Hair Removal Device for the home and I'm here to update you on my progress. I realize the status (or lack of) of my leg hair... Read more »

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The Tria Laser hair removal gadget has been around for a couple of years now- with Kiss and Makeup being a longterm fan -, but it recently underwent an upgrade in January with a new streamlined design, a safety skin... Read more »


Philips ReAura is Fraxel face technology for the HOME

Philips is no stranger to introducing new beauty gadgets to the home (think about the Lumea and the Hush hairdryer ) but their new product is something new- for every brand. They're aiming to bring Fraxel style laser... Read more »

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Product Review: Braun Silk-Epil 7 Dual Epilator with Gillette Venus Technology

I have a couple of friends who swear by their epilators. One even actively enjoys it and I'm pretty sure using it is actually one of her dearest hobbies. I am a massive wuss so I never have, but in the interests of... Read more »

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Lumie Zip Portable SAD lamp Product Review

Some people are Winter people, some people are Summer people. I'm a heating up to 30 degrees no matter what the weather, a happiest when hot and in small shorts kinda girl, and nothing will ever dissuade me from that. I... Read more »


Yay or Nay: PaloVia's Skin Renewing Laser

If you're one of the millions of woman doing anything to keep ageing at bay, you might like this news: an over-the-counter anti-ageing laser that you can use at home is being prepared to enter the market. Palomar Medical... Read more »


GHD 'Precious' gift set

I have some sad news to report: this morning my GHD 's broke. As you can imagine this is a very hard time for me, but it would make it all better if I found this under the tree on Saturday morning. The silver heat... Read more »

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Modiface lets you try on makeup on your iPhone

The latest in virtual makeover technology is pretty cool, and it is of course available as an iPhone app. Modiface's Makeup Live for iPhone 4 utilizes the device's second camera "mirror" feature to show you your own face... Read more »

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How to use Heated Rollers : The Babyliss ThermoCeramic Rollers

Big bouncy curls are seen everywhere this season, from the uber accentuated waves on the DVF runway to the ultra slick sculptured curls on the Gossip Girl set. Big is beautiful in the hair department, but if you're not a... Read more »

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GHD Deluxe Midnight Edition Collection is a Cinderella fantasy

Love GHD's? Like, love them so much that you want a new set just because it has Disney-esuqe styling and a cute black carrybag? Yes, me too. Despite loving my Cloud Nine and Ego straighteners, there's something about... Read more »


The Claro - a saviour for Acne sufferers?

Having suffered on and off with acne for most of my life, I can really get excited about a device promising to help with the dreaded pimples. I've tried other acne gadgets before, and have been disappointed (Zeno, I'm... Read more »

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E-One IPL Long Term Treatment Review

Today's review is courtesy of City Boy Beauty, who valiantly volunteered to test out the E-One IPL machine. It has long been recognised that light based hair removal techniques can provide highly successful permanent hair... Read more »


Product Review: iPulse Smooth Skin IPL system from Boots

Guest Post, Courtesy of Emma Cossey from geek girl site, Dork Adore Getting rid of body hair must be one of the most time-consuming parts of your beauty regime. Having tried a dozen different methods with varying... Read more »


The quietest hairdryer in the world? The Philips Hush Hairdryer

I really HATE drying my hair. I know it's necessary but the noise just puts my teeth on edge. There also seems to be a time limit on when you can use one as well, as post ten o'clock and you're being rude to the... Read more »


Toni & Guy reveal their electrical line up for Autumn Winter

Does an electrical brand need to launch an Autumn Winter collection? People don't excatly go, 'Hmm, it's a bit nippy now, better get a new range of tools to go with my on trend ankle boots', do they? Then again, the latest... Read more »


Acne Skin Saviours: My guaranteed routine for clearer skin

Regular readers of this blog will know that my skin is not the most pleasant of creatures, going wayward at the slightest provocation and breaking out whenever is feels like it. I've tried many things over the years, from... Read more »


Say hello to the E-One : The Home hair Removal Game gets a new competitor

In the last year the home hair removal market has expanded dramatically, and ways of defuzzing have gone far beyond your trusty razor. Now ladies (and men) have the option of salon quality treatments at home, and a new... Read more »

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Philips Lumea: Tried and Tested Treatment Update

Not so long ago I told you all about my first experience with the latest home hair removal device by Philips, the Philips Lumea. I'm no stranger to home hair removal, having previously used The Tria and the No!No! and I... Read more »

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Get interactive help choosing a new fragrance with ASCENT

How do you choose a scent nowadays? You tootle off to the perfume counter all excited and within 5 minutes your nose has been deadened by those free spritzes the impressively manicured girls have been handing out, and... Read more »

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Limited Edition Clarisonic on sale in the USA!

My love for the Clarisonic is well documented , as I've never before used something which cleans so thoroughly, making sure all dirt is vanquished from my face. When I spotted this gorgeously designed one (only... Read more »

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Tria Skin Clarifying System promises to end acne breakouts!

There are a wide selection of tools that promise to help clear your skin, and reduce the sign of breakouts and I've probably tried a fair number of them. The No!No! spot remover, a variety of medications for your skin... Read more »

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Corioliss Apollo 1 Advanced PCB Hairdryer

I follow many of my favourite beauty stores on Twitter, and often it makes me aware of products that might otherwise escape my radar. The fabulous Look Fantastic Twitter feed alerted me to the fact there's a new and... Read more »


Long term product trial: Philips Lumea IPL home hair removal treatment

Hair removal is one of those constant annoyances, as no matter how regularly you shave/wax/epilate, those stubborn hairs seem to return almost instantly (at least in my case). The idea of laser hair removal thus seems... Read more »

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The Liposuction Lowdown: Q&A with Dr Roberto Viel

Dr Roberto Viel has always been a pioneer, being the first person to bring ultrasonic assisted liposuction to the UK, and now his work is being emulated by doctors worldwide. He was kind enough to spend some time with us... Read more »

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Airbase Airbrush makeup at-home kits!

I'm a big fan of Airbrush makeup as every time I have it done (mainly when I'm making TV appearances) my skin takes on a luminescent flawless glow. A couple of quick spritzes and my skin becomes smooth and peachy looking,... Read more »

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Product Review: EGO hair straighteners

There are many styling tools on the market and hair straighteners are probably the most popular of the bunch. Women worldwide yearn to get sleek shiny hair with minimum of strain, but it's hard to know which model to... Read more »

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New Braun Silk-Epil promises less pain and more pluck

If electronic epilation is your chosen method of depilation (try saying THAT before you've had a coffee!) then you'll be aware that technology is getting better all the time at reducing both the ouch-factor and the length of... Read more »