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New GHD's to ogle: Limited edition Pink Kiss Styler and Lip Glosses!

Who doesn't love GHD's? We recently seen how ">Brits get GHD's cheaper than their US friends, and now we have a lovely limited edition to share with you. This set costs £135 from ASOS , and not only is it hot pink, it... Read more »


Portable meets purr: The leopard print Mini Corioliss

When travelling there's no need to wave goodbye to your beloved styling tools, just get some portable versions instead! This mini straightener, £24.99 from Corioliss , is great for travelling as it's only 15cm long. It... Read more »


STOP right now: The latest anti ageing device uses TriPollar technology

Ageing is one of the few things that everybody has to face. You may have swanned through your twenties and thirties with a great figure but terrible diet, late nights and no shadows and hangover free morning afters, but... Read more »

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Brits get it better for once! GHD's are cheaper to buy in the UK

You know how I'm always deploring the price of British beauty products as compared to those overseas? It's not just the ridiculous currency conversion either, it's also the actual price difference . Benefit's BadGal... Read more »

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Product review: Babyliss Pro 230 Radiance

Babyliss have a good history int he electrical market, with most beauty journalists today lovingly looking back on their first ever Steam & Shine. Well Babyliss has come a long way since then and we can welcome their... Read more »


The Wellbox will firm your skin..for a price

I've only seen info about the Wellbox, so I can't conclusively say it's better or worse than Slendertone, but the fact that it costs a whopping £1000 from Harrods doesn't make me feel inclined to try it. It's supposed... Read more »


Stay smooth in a Power cut with the Light up Razor

It's good to know you'll be fuzz free next power cut. Obviously the first thing you think when the lights turn off is that you must ensure your legs are smooth-after all you never know who you'll bump into at night! The... Read more »

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Hello Kitty hairdryer: Pink, and on sale!

OK, you either fall into the Hello Kitty camp or you don't, but whatever your feelings on the strange little cat, this is a pretty good price for a hairdryer. Reduced to $26.99 from Dream Kitty , you get a fold-able... Read more »

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The SalonStraight Glide straightens your hair with Vibrations

We're used to hair straighteners being brought out in all shades of the rainbow, being portable, handbag friendly, and I'm sure I've heard a rumour of a solar powered one... Well next up to the bench in innovation is the... Read more »

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Remington introduces Shine Therapy, to condition and straighten at the same time

I'm always a little wary when a company proclaims that its product is the latest on the market, and that no-one has ever done anything similar before. However, once again I'm suckered in by what's on offer and have... Read more »

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We have the Hand dyer, the hairdryer, now here's the Ear Dryer!

Everyone hates that squeaky feeling you get in your ears when you leave the bath. No amount of rubbing them or inhaling deeply seems to help. they just have to pop in their own time. Well no longer do you need to suffer... Read more »


You Spin me right round, baby right round: Thoughts on the SPINLASH

There has been a lot of buzz about the Spinlash electric mascara on the Internet, so I just had to get my hand on one to try it out. It's a battery powered brush that rotates 360 degrees with a touch the button, to... Read more »

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Would you use a portable Steam Spa?

Spending time in a spa should be a luxury experience, sitting back and reclining as your pores sweat out toxins and the heat sends little shivers up your spine. I don't know how comforting this spa would be however, as... Read more »


Find out just how fat you are with this scary scale

Japan has brought us many good things in the past, such as sushi, harajuku girls and Manga, and now they bring us something not so cute. The Overall Health Balance Scale from National Electric looks fairly innocuous,... Read more »


Tria Update: what's been happening to my leg-hair?

It seems like ages ago now that I first told you about the Tria , and decided to test it out myself. You can see the original video here , and I've been steadfastly using it every two or three weeks on my legs. I'... Read more »


Check how bad your breath is with this handy gadget

The other day my boyfriend commented that I always get frisky after I've brushed my teeth in the morning. I thought about it, and y'know he's right. I always feel really gross when my mouth tastes like yesterday, so a... Read more »


The Robot massager gets rid of aches and pains: Claustrophobics need not apply

Japan again! It seems to be the week for them doesn't it? They've just given us details of their new massager, the Auto Healther Reiz DZ-270, which sounds ever so pleasant. You lie in its murky womb like confines, and... Read more »


Tone your tush with the butt pillow: Japan brings us another 'useful' gadget

Now this isn't the first wacky fitness gadget we've seen, ( anyone remember the oh so great Safetox? ) but it is one of the funniest. Entitled the Easy Beautiful Butt Cushion (I'm sure that sounded a lot more lyrical in... Read more »


The CraZy Dog Hairdryer: Because dogs want glossy locks too

At first look this is a rather standard hairdryer, one aimed at kids perhaps with the bright pink and blue metallic sheen. Then you look a little closer and realize those aren't flowers etched into the metal, no they're... Read more »


Is this the worlds most expensive hair straightener?

Sadly I'm wondering whether this straightener actually counts as the world most over-priced as I'm sure lurking around somewhere you'll be able to get gold plated babies as toted by the likes of Paris Hilton & co, but... Read more »

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RUSK releases a range of hair tools

Could the infamous GHD's finally have a real contender on their hands? New electric hair tools provider RUSK certainly hopes so. They've just launched a lightweight hair dryer, the CTC Lite, which features a high-torque... Read more »


Freedom 24:7 from bad hair days

While virtually nothing could replace the trusty Shiny Towers GHDs in my heart, there are times when more portable grooming is required. Freedom 24:7 has come to the rescue with a new set of handy cordless ceramic... Read more »


The Crystal Clear Eye Pen - the non-surgical eye lift

I am - like our beloved old K&Mu editor Charlotte - not easily swayed by beauty gadgets and have a tendency to rant about them without giving them the benefit of the doubt. So I'm going reserve judgment on the £135... Read more »


The miBody Scale tells you everything you didn't want to know: USB stick included

Now I realise I can only speak for myself here but I tend to find going on the scales a fairly traumatic experience. Every week you perch on them with your fingers crossed behind your back hoping the results will be... Read more »


The Zeno Pro: Stopping spots just got stylish

Now that the Zeno, the magical spot clearing device that works via electrical impulses is now available in Boots, it's obviously time for this machine to have a bit of a makeover, and that's where the new Zeno Pro... Read more »


Professional Beauty Highlights: Corioliss Hair Straightener Skins

Now I'm sure you've realized by now that I am a total hair straightener addict, and that I generally am pretty happy that most companies bring out models in all shades of colours. But sometimes even a pink version of the... Read more »


Braun Silk-épil Xpressive: Epilating in Pink (or white)

Hair removal is never going to be an enjoyable topic now is it? Most women would rather pretend it didn't happen, and that we exist as smooth lean goddesses rather than faffing around with potions and lotions. Epilating can... Read more »