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RUSK releases a range of hair tools

Could the infamous GHD's finally have a real contender on their hands? New electric hair tools provider RUSK certainly hopes so. They've just launched a lightweight hair dryer, the CTC Lite, which features a high-torque... Read more »


Freedom 24:7 from bad hair days

While virtually nothing could replace the trusty Shiny Towers GHDs in my heart, there are times when more portable grooming is required. Freedom 24:7 has come to the rescue with a new set of handy cordless ceramic... Read more »


The Crystal Clear Eye Pen - the non-surgical eye lift

I am - like our beloved old K&Mu editor Charlotte - not easily swayed by beauty gadgets and have a tendency to rant about them without giving them the benefit of the doubt. So I'm going reserve judgment on the £135... Read more »


The miBody Scale tells you everything you didn't want to know: USB stick included

Now I realise I can only speak for myself here but I tend to find going on the scales a fairly traumatic experience. Every week you perch on them with your fingers crossed behind your back hoping the results will be... Read more »


The Zeno Pro: Stopping spots just got stylish

Now that the Zeno, the magical spot clearing device that works via electrical impulses is now available in Boots, it's obviously time for this machine to have a bit of a makeover, and that's where the new Zeno Pro... Read more »


Professional Beauty Highlights: Corioliss Hair Straightener Skins

Now I'm sure you've realized by now that I am a total hair straightener addict, and that I generally am pretty happy that most companies bring out models in all shades of colours. But sometimes even a pink version of the... Read more »


Braun Silk-épil Xpressive: Epilating in Pink (or white)

Hair removal is never going to be an enjoyable topic now is it? Most women would rather pretend it didn't happen, and that we exist as smooth lean goddesses rather than faffing around with potions and lotions. Epilating can... Read more »