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Whitney Port- Beach Blonde style

Beauty Hero : Whitney Port

Whitney Port rose to fame in the TV show ' The Hills' , where she interned with Lauren Conrad at TeenVogue. Lauren may have been the star but is was Whitney that we loved, with her laidback style, friendly attitude and refusal... Read more »

Kyle Reenes, 22

London Fashion Weekend: Beauty Trends Revealed Street Style!

London Fashion Weekend is taking place this weekend, and from across the UK (and even abroad) fashionistas are heading down to Somerset House to partake in some of the impressive offers available. Seriouly folks- pretty N2... Read more »

Felicia Day Redhead.jpg

Celebrity Redhead GALLERY: Loving the fiery ladies!

Redheaded ladies are known for their fiery temperaments, love of the extreme and the way they capture attention just by walking into the room. The last two years have seen an explosion of redheads on the celebrity scene, so... Read more »

Brain Soaps.jpg

Ten Strange Looking Soaps to lather up with

Soap, glorious soap! It comes in so many varieties, from Clinique's famous bar, to weird and wonderful shapes. Here's my roundup of the most unusual soaps on the market, from gory brain soap to soap styled to look like an... Read more »

No7 mascara.jpg

The seven best buys from No7

No7 has just launched the Exceptional Definition Mascara , a product that's great at separating and defining every lash. I decided to take a look at their hero products and have created a gallery to share them with you.... Read more »

Secret Garden Party Makeup.JPG

Festival Makeup Gallery: The Secret Garden Party

This weekend saw the advent of the Secret Garden Party and many happy ravers descended into the fields of Cambridge to laugh, play and dance their little hearts out. Amongst the many, many revellers, there were some who stood... Read more »

Abi Clancy WAG Style.jpg

WAG Gallery : Now and then!

The term WAG came into fashion during the 2006 World Cup, where the crème de la crème of British footballing wives and girlfriend happily displayed every inch of toned tan skin in tiny dresses. Well, you have to show your... Read more »

ZPM Corsage Red Shower-Cap.jpg

GALLERY : Five cool and quirky shower hats

I love my baths and showers but repeatedly washing my hair really annoys me- especially if I have spent hours straightening it. The solution is a good shower cap, but I'm not so keen on those grandmother style see through... Read more »

Beauty Hero Christina Hendricks.jpg

GALLERY Beauty Hero: Christina Hendricks

We're not sure if it's her porcelain skin, those full fleshed out lips, or the fact that she's brought generous curves back into the mainstream, but we can't get enough of Christina Hendricks. The 34 year old actress (born May... Read more »

Scarlett & Crimson.jpg

GALLERY: Hot New Beauty Products at Superdrug this year

I love high street beauty stores. Many a happy moment has been spent browsing the beauty counters, as you never know what gems you'll find amongst the machine made red varnishes and run of the mill lippies. Superdrug is a store... Read more »

Jason Wu makeup 6.jpg

NYFW Backstage Beauty Gallery: metallic eyes at Jason Wu

My first backstage adventure for Fall 2010 was this morning at Jason Wu. The look was very ethereal and would have been quite understated if you didn't see the metallic eye catch the light when the models blinked. Makeup artist... Read more »

MAC 1.jpg

Gallery: Behind the scenes of MAC's Spring Colour Forecast Shoot

I love looking at pretty beauty photos almost as much as I love playing with pretty makeup. If you do too then hopefully this gallery from the MAC Spring Colour Forecast photos shoot will be a real treat. Find more details on... Read more »

Precision nails.jpg

Top Ten Red Nail Varnishes for Valentine's Day

Nothing promotes the idea of a powerful sexy woman more than bold and bright red nails. Valentine's day is the perfect time to express your sexuality, whether you're single or coupled up, and we've rounded up the best red... Read more »

barbie inject.jpg

The Monday Five: Top new beauty to put on your radar

January is here and with it a wide range of beauty products are being released onto the shelves.So what should you choose to replenish your makeup cabinet with? We reveal the loveliest options. CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW TO START... Read more »


Celebrity Photoshopped Scents: Britney's Sweatstain and Kanye smells of Arrogance

Photoshop can be a lot of fun if you're even halfway proficient, so when the Internet throws up a challenge for perfume loving CS3/Elements users to create mock-ups of celeb scents, we just needed to sit back and enjoy the... Read more »

Shoe Bathtub.jpg

The five Best beauty gadgets and the five Worst

There are a plethora of gadgets available on beauty counters, promising you everything from a wrinkle free face to ab melting magic. Companies are preying on your desire for gadgetry that can dramatically change your life, but... Read more »

GALLERY: Natural Celebrity Redheads

GALLERY: Natural Celebrity Redheads

Scarlet, claret, copper, russet, burgundy: there so many different ways to describe red hair. According to the fountain of truth and knowledge that is Wikipedia, redheads make up only 1- 2% of the entire human race. Since... Read more »


MAC Trend Alert GALLERY A/W 2009

MAC tend to be on the forefront of trends, and we've seen their collections challenge what is seen as appropriate (who would have thought lilac lips would ever take off) so when I went to briefing about what would be big this... Read more »

Well Suited Prescriptives.JPG

Seven Sweet Treats to look forward too: Prescriptives Well Suited Collection and Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy body lotion

Summer is in the air, and with the heat comes a wide selection of stylish new products you can't wait to get your hot little hands on. here's our selection of the greatest things to hit the shelves in the next few months- so... Read more »

GALLERY: Givenchy les Poetiques collection for Winter 2009

GALLERY: Givenchy les Poetiques collection for Winter 2009

Givenchy are at it again, providing us with a to die for collection that encapsulates next seasons beauty trends. This year we have soft and tender pinks, accents of pale blue and a mixture of corals for a feminine woman who's... Read more »