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GALLERY: Bad Celebrity Tattoos

If you buy a new bag, and then decide you don't like it anymore, at least you can give it to Oxfam and move on. But a bad tattoo... that's for life. Unless you can afford the painful laser treatment that is. Luckily for them,... Read more »

Kawaii Nail Art gallery: For women who love excess in all shape and forms

Kawaii Nail Art gallery: For women who love excess in all shape and forms

Kawaii nails area craze you'll either love or hate. Personally I'm kinda on the fence, as I think some of the designs are adorable, whilst others are just plain creepy! Still, I do appreciate the time and effort it takes to... Read more »


GALLERY: The ten best Bridal Beauty looks from the movies

Movies are always awash with beautiful brides, glistening in white and never smudging their makeup. We decided to compile a top ten list of the most beautiful film-brides we could think of, and hope you'll agree. Let me know... Read more »

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Now and then: Celebrity Ageing Gallery

It always amazes me how celebs manage to stay looking so youthful. Yes, even with the army of trainers and mail order botox I know they must have! But despite their best efforts, ageing is inevitable, so it sometimes baffles... Read more »

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Seven Sweet Treats for Monday: Paul & Joe Summer Collection and Neon nails from Essie

What gorgeous goodies do I have ins tore for you this week? From acid brights palettes full of electric shades to haircare that helps keep your colour looking hot, they're all here for you to ogle! CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW TO... Read more »

GALLERY: German beauty brand ARTDECO to hit the UK bigtime

GALLERY: German beauty brand ARTDECO to hit the UK bigtime

ARTDECO may not be a brand you're very familiar with, but if you went backstage at Dancing on Ice last year you'd have noticed it played a predominant role in the stars dressing rooms. Well they've now been chosen as the... Read more »

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Seven Sweet Treats: Aramis perfumes to look forward to!

Summer is poking its benighted head into the sky, turning up its nose and heading back inside for some hot chocolate; but Spring is firmly here, and with it a rhapsody of sweet scents are soon to hit your olfactory glands.... Read more »

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New York Fashion Week: hair and makeup at Tory Burch

We've got some more backstage beauty coverage from New York Fashion Week for you! This time we spent time with Redken and MAC at Tory Burch, check out the beauty gallery on ShinyGloss by clicking on the image below . And, be... Read more »

Runway Rundown: Barbie Beauty on display at New York Fashion Week

Runway Rundown: Barbie Beauty on display at New York Fashion Week

I love Barbie. When I was little I spent endless hours playing with her house, brushing her hair and restyling her outfits. In a sense I was working on the adult version of me, since as soon as I was old enough for peroxide I... Read more »

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Ten Valentine gifts to get in your good books

Imagine this feature as a guide to hapless men everywhere, and make sure this browser window is accidentally left open in their vicinity. Hey, you're helping them get it right, and making sure you don't end up with some... Read more »

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Celebrity Acne gallery: Because nobody is perfect...

If your skin has been taking a bit of a beating lately you'll be happy to know that you're not alone. And by that I mean esteemed stars such as Britney Spears, Billie Piper and Catherine Zeta Jones all fall prey to the dreaded... Read more »

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Seven Sweet Treats for Monday: Pink Valentine fragrances to make her smile

Valentine's day is six days away and you might be starting to fret. If you're lucky enough to have a date, you'll probably be agonizing over what present you're going to get/buy and if you don't you'll probably be sulking and... Read more »

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Beauty Hero GALLERY: Isla Fisher

I've loved Isla Fisher since her Home and Away days, to such an extent that I even read her first novel (Seduced: and it wasn't that bad). Well she's moved on from her days of dropping her T's as the saucy Shannon Reed into the... Read more »

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Beauty Hero Gallery: Frieda Pinto, star of Slumdog Millionaire

I recently watched Slumdog Millionaire and moved though so many emotions I felt as if I'd just ridden Oblivion at Alton Towers. Acute highs of entertainment and sparkling wit were intertwined with moments of anguish and... Read more »

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Seven scented candles for a sweet smelling Valentines day

Valentine's day is a fair few weeks away, but hey, it's good to be prepared right? And tsales are still going on right now... Here's my round up of the seven sweetest smelling candles around. CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW TO START... Read more »


Beauty Hero Gallery: Michelle Obama

Yesterday we welcomed Barack Obama into the White House, and watched open mouthed as he took center stage for a romantic dance with the lovely Michelle. For someone who never sought the spotlight she scrubs up very nicely and... Read more »

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New Year new beauty looks!

We showed you the first installment of our sister site ShinyGloss's New Year's beauty shoot last week and here's the next look. Makeup artist Jessica Saint gave the Gloss girls a primer on how to achieve the smoky eye in... Read more »

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New Year Beauty Gallery: What beauty looks the celebs rocked on New Years Eve

New Year has come and gone, and most of us have now recycled those bottles/sworn off alcohol/returned to work. Our fabulous dresses are at the dry cleaners and our skin is slightly dehydrated from having such a good time.... Read more »

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Beauty Hero GALLERY: Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole Has come a long way from Popstars. Her style has evolved to high fashion, her hair is bigger and bouncier and she's somehow managed to fall into the size zero camp without looking gaunt. We can't help but adore her,... Read more »

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Runway Rundown: Louis Vuitton S/S 09

Louis Vuitton's Spring Summer show had a surprisingly Autumnal feel to it, with models sporting Russian styled accessories, ruby red lips and smokey eyes. I love how they've managed to find red lipstick to suit every model, and... Read more »