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Beauty Hero GALLERY: Lily Allen

Lily may not be the most traditional choice for out Beauty Hero spot. Sure, she's a pretty little thing, but she's not really old enough to have found her own discernible style (other than black eyeliner!)- but that's what I... Read more »

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Seven Sweet treats for Monday: Galliano perfume and gorgeous palettes

This week I'm suffering slightly as my weekend was actually SO GOOD that even my fab job pales in comparison. To cheer me up and excite you guys I have seven stunning items to show you, be prepared to drool... CLICK THE IMAGE... Read more »

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Beauty Hero GALLERY: Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman is know for her heartbreakingly good looks, her flawless skin and her amazing talent. Her career encapsulates classics such as Leon and Star Wars, but did you know she was originally named Natalie Hershlag? Born... Read more »

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CELEB GALLERY: Jennifer Ellison won Rear of the Year 2008, but who else should have been in the running?

The lovely Jennifer is smiling very brightly, and who wouldn't in her place? Her derriere is currently considered the hottest property in the UK, so no wonder her pearly whites are on full display. But who else should have been... Read more »

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GALLERY: Backstage Beauty at Vivienne Tam during New York Fashion week

Vivienne Tam's show featured an explosion of peonies and vibrant red florals. She teamed feminine prints with masculine tailoring to provide an interesting contrast, and kept her models sleek and minimal with barely there blush... Read more »

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Beauty Hero GALLERY: Elizabeth Hurley

I love Elizabeth Hurley. She's always personified the level of English cool I've never quite obtained, and steadfastly been happy as a brunette. Her time with Hugh Grant escalated her into the public eye in 1994 at the Four... Read more »

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Wispy hair on the Ungaro Catwalk A/W 08

Emmanuel Ungaro has something of a reputation in the fashion world. He's known for his use of romantic colours coupled with bright flashes, and it's surprising that his catwalk show doesn't reflect this. The models all have... Read more »

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Monday Madness gallery: Seven special products for September

Hello my lovelies. This week there are seven items I'm dying to own, from a pretty little mirror to dinky delights. And I've managed to avoid a single palette in this roundup, aren't you proud of me? CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW TO... Read more »

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Beauty Hero GALLERY: Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester

If you've followed Gossip Girl with an unholy passion ( the outfits! the clothes! the boys!) you'll recognize this face straight away. Say hello to Blair Waldorf also known as Leighton Meester. She's sassy, she's straight... Read more »

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GALLERY: Seven sexy Makeup bags I want this week

The bank holiday has been and gone, and we're left with a four day week to play with. In light of the fact I can't give you Monday Madness today (hey, Tuesday Madness just doesn't have alliteration) I'm bringing you makeup... Read more »

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Beauty Anti-Hero GALLERY: Bai Ling

Rather that celebrate the brilliant beauty style of our favourite celebs, this week we're looking at the beauty faux pas of Bai Ling. This little lady is better known for her sartorial mishaps than her so-called acting... Read more »

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Bright Eyes on the Frankie Morello Catwalk A/W 08

We've been teaching you how to create your own bright eyes look at home , and we've demonstrated ways you can recreate the look here . But it's time we went back to basics and show you just who we got inspired by. Lets have... Read more »


Monday Madness: The Special Seven on my hit-list this week

Hello lovelies. This week I'm bringing you some of the prettiest and loveliest beauty buys around. Hey, it helps the week look a little brighter right? I've got funky perfume bottles, lovely palettes and pretty powders, all for... Read more »

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Beauty Hero GALLERY: Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson is famous for her long glossy looks, poster girl looks, oh and her time as Summer in the The O.C. We've seen her grow from a doe eyed stripling into a fashion savvy young lady, with a penchant for natural beauty... Read more »

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Beauty Hero GALLERY: Christina Ricci

I've been a fan of Christina Ricci for a long time. Maybe it's her devil may care attitude, the way that fashion seems to follow her rather than the other way round; or perhaps I still can't forget her starring role as... Read more »

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Beauty Hero GALLERY: Kristen Bell

Next up in the Beauty Hero series is Kristen Bell, the perky looking peachy skinned blonde I grew to know and love in hit show Veronica Mars. She excelled as a Nancy Drew of the nineties with her funky style, sexy shaggy hair... Read more »

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BEAUTY GALLERY: Beauty at the X-Files 'I want to Believe' Premiere

So it's finally happened. The film we thought they were never going to make is now a reality and loads of Mulder and Scully fans are impatiently counting down the days till 'I want to Believe' hits the cinema. The premiere was... Read more »

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Beauty Hero: Melissa Joan Hart

When I was younger I was glued to the TV show Clarissa Explains It All, as Melissa's character was the kooky alternative to Sweet Valley High that I needed. She never worried too much about fashion or being popular, and... Read more »

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Beauty Hero GALLERY: Kirsten Dunst

I love Kirsten Dunst. I thin she embodies fresh faced beauty extremely well, and I love it when you see her try out new styles. From sexy red lips to boyish glamour, Kirsten knows how to work with what she has. She also shares... Read more »

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GALLERY Emma Watson: From glamour free Hermione Granger to hottie in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Emma Watson is one of those child stars we've seen grow up before our very eyes. She has matured from a frizzy haired 11 year old to an uber sleek seventeen year old with smooth hair, flawless skin and a style that's all her... Read more »