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The Tria Laser hair removal gadget has been around for a couple of years now- with Kiss and Makeup being a longterm fan -, but it recently underwent an upgrade in January with a new streamlined design, a safety skin... Read more »

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Win a Philips Satin Perfect Luxury Epilator set worth £130!

To help you get summer ready and set for the beach, we're giving you the chance to win one of two Philips Satin Perfect Luxury Epilator Sets , worth £130! For your chance to win, read our review below and then enter your... Read more »

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iPulse Smooth Skin Plus IPL Hair Removal: First thoughts

Hair removal really sucks. The chore of daily getting out that razor/Veet is something nobody enjoys, so we search for new cool ways to get rid of our unwanted hair. Boots have just launched the iPulse Smooth Skin Plus... Read more »


Daisy Lowe announced as the face of Braun Silk-Epil 7 Dual Epilator

Daisy Lowe has been revealed as the face of Braun 's new Silk-Epil 7 Dual Epilator . The curvy model is launching the brand new hair removal device which combines epilation with shaving (for our review click here! ) -... Read more »

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Product Review: Braun Silk-Epil 7 Dual Epilator with Gillette Venus Technology

I have a couple of friends who swear by their epilators. One even actively enjoys it and I'm pretty sure using it is actually one of her dearest hobbies. I am a massive wuss so I never have, but in the interests of... Read more »


Product Review: Ministry of Waxing Ice Cream Lotion

I finally got around to trying out the post-waxing/plucking Ice Cream lotion from Ministry of Waxing a few days ago - well I say I, actually I used it on a friend after she had some trouble after shaping her eyebrows. It... Read more »

Jennifer Lopez is first Gillette Venus ambassador

Jennifer Lopez is first Gillette Venus ambassador

Jennifer Lopez really has been having a good few months! Just recently named as the new Global Ambassador for L'Oréal Paris , the singer and American Idol judge just attended a launch to announce that she's snagged a... Read more »

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Treatment Review: Browhaus Eyebrow Shaping

We all know that eyebrows are the most important part of a girls face, so finding somewhere that you trust enough to look after them is important. I tried out the Thread & Tweeze treatment at Browhaus recently - and was... Read more »

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E-One IPL Long Term Treatment Review

Today's review is courtesy of City Boy Beauty, who valiantly volunteered to test out the E-One IPL machine. It has long been recognised that light based hair removal techniques can provide highly successful permanent hair... Read more »


Bad Beauty Flashback: The SilkyMit

I remember the Silkymit form my childhood, a horrible device that promised so much and did so little. I thought we'd seen the end of its evil ways when I spotted it for sale on a website. Do you remember the SilkyMit- did... Read more »


Product Review: iPulse Smooth Skin IPL system from Boots

Guest Post, Courtesy of Emma Cossey from geek girl site, Dork Adore Getting rid of body hair must be one of the most time-consuming parts of your beauty regime. Having tried a dozen different methods with varying... Read more »


Say hello to the E-One : The Home hair Removal Game gets a new competitor

In the last year the home hair removal market has expanded dramatically, and ways of defuzzing have gone far beyond your trusty razor. Now ladies (and men) have the option of salon quality treatments at home, and a new... Read more »


Long term product trial: Philips Lumea IPL home hair removal treatment

Hair removal is one of those constant annoyances, as no matter how regularly you shave/wax/epilate, those stubborn hairs seem to return almost instantly (at least in my case). The idea of laser hair removal thus seems... Read more »

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New Braun Silk-Epil promises less pain and more pluck

If electronic epilation is your chosen method of depilation (try saying THAT before you've had a coffee!) then you'll be aware that technology is getting better all the time at reducing both the ouch-factor and the length of... Read more »


Long term trial Update: The 'pain-free' Soprano XL Brazilian Laser treatment

It's been five months now since I started my laser hair removal course and a lot has changed. My first few sessions were uncomfortable, not terribly painful by any means, but hardly the sort of experience you could doze... Read more »


Eyebrow care: what's your favoured method?

If you want your brows to be tidy, shapely and alluring, there are so many ways to shape and sculpt them it's hard to know which to pick! Waxing, threading and plucking are all methods that can improve not only the brows... Read more »


Will Lipoxôme open up the IPL market to those with light coloured hair?

For the last couple of months I've been experimenting with the Soprano XL laser hair removal treatment, and so far the results have been rather impressive. But despite my joy at the laser machine working wonders on my... Read more »

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Long term treatment test: The 'pain-free' Soprano XL Brazilian Laser treatment

Painless laser hair removal, you scoff! How can anything that uses lasers to target and burn away your hair from the root be considered painless? Sure, it may not be a nail clenching jaw breaking experience if you're... Read more »


Braun's Wet and Dry epilator designed to work in the shower!

I'm rather scared of epilating as I have the lowest pain threshold on the planet, so when I learnt about an epilator that works in water I was intrigued. To me water = gentle, kind, and warmth, so would this mean that... Read more »

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More proof men are becoming metrosexuals: The JAW line defining shaving cream from Ulltra Man

If 2008 was the year that mancake rose to power , 2009 has solidified the metrosexuals place in society. We've featured the rise of Ab Gel and manscara, well now there's another potion available for the looks obsessed... Read more »


The Philips SatinLux aims to take the Tria's home IPL market

Philips first foray into the home laser hair removal market is interestingly placed between the No!No hair removal device and the Tria laser hair removal tool. It's great that a well known brand like Philips are entering... Read more »


Do you know what a Hot Wax means?

I recently endured a bikini wax at Cucumba Waxing . OK, I say endured, but what I really mean was it was as pleasurable and as painless as anyone stripping wax from your privates can be , which is not very. Despite... Read more »

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Venus to release Venus Spa and Venus Spa Breeze

I'm a big fan of Venus razors, so I was excited to hear about two new products launching in February! As with all Venus launches they're actually just slight variations on what we already have, but that doesn't mean... Read more »

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Calvin from Hollyoaks lasers away his chest hair with Lumenis IPL

Click image to enlarge. I like Hollyoaks. A LOT. For those unfamiliar with it, it's a UK soap that features ridiculously pretty twenty somethings pretending to be very pretty eighteen year olds. Calvin (real name... Read more »


Veet supports Obama by banishing Bush: Best product placement EVER!

Sadly I can't take credit for this wonderful picture (not living in OZ ), but our friends at Sassybella snapped this up, and it's provided some serious office entertainment! Enjoy. Oh, and hair remove while you're at it!... Read more »


The Rolling Razor: Are 6 blades better than 3?

I'm a big fan of the Venus razors, but as they say, progression is a way of life, and despite their multi-razor head being possibly the best one on the market, there's a new contender. This is the Rolling Razor which... Read more »

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Precision shaving for the very anal

There's nothing worse than a slightly uneven goatee. If you're going to go to all that trouble you have to get it right, and if that involves a shaver/ ruler combo , well, why not? It was been designed by James McAdam... Read more »


Stay smooth in a Power cut with the Light up Razor

It's good to know you'll be fuzz free next power cut. Obviously the first thing you think when the lights turn off is that you must ensure your legs are smooth-after all you never know who you'll bump into at night! The... Read more »


Product Review: King of Shaves shaving gel for Women

Now I know I'm turning into an adult when I stop stealing my flatmates shaving gel and start actually buying my own (hey, I like male shaving gel OK?). There's no denying that a more female friendly product actually... Read more »