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Michael Barnes creates beautiful hair designs at London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week played host to many stunning styles and cutting edge creations, but one hairdresser particularly stood out. Michael Barnes was the genius behind the stunning creations pictured above which blended his... Read more »

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Oscars 2010 Hair: Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger definitely had one of the most daring and complicated updos at the Academy Awards in a sea of simple, classic hairstyles. Her avant-garde look definitely echoed her fashion-forward Chanel gown, and helped her... Read more »

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Industry Interview: Duffy, Clairol Creative Colour Director

When it's cold and gloomy outside many women reach for the hair dye as a way of lightening up their life and their hair. Be wary though, as what seems like a good idea when you're bored may be something you have to live... Read more »

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Industry Interview: Dom, Creative Stylist for Sebastian Professional

We were lucky enough to get some face time with Dom, one of the big names in the styling world. He shared with us his tips on what to look for in spring colour and how to create easy to wear on trend styles. Q. What... Read more »


Industry Interview: Stephen Way, hair maestro

Stephen Way is an old hand at hairdressing, having worked in the industry since 1969. His original aim was to provide clients with a designer style they could manage at home, and his success in the business proves that he... Read more »


Industry Interview: Emily Hart, Young Hairdresser of the Year

Emily Hart looks extremely happy in the photo above, and so she should be. This Errol Douglas stylist has just won Young Hairdresser of the Year at the Clothes Show Live, an accolade which can seriously further an... Read more »

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An achievable, polished pony inspired by Mila Kunis

Whenever I hear about ponytails for evening, I'm a little skeptical. For most of us, a ponytail is a scraped up into an elastic face-washing feat or "second day hair" camouflage. But I thought that these pictures of Mila... Read more »

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Industry Interview: Charlie le Mindu

Charlie le Mindu is well known for his expertise in the hairdressing world, having started at the tender age of 13! He's used to snipping the tresses of the rich and famous, and he's been kind enough to answer some of our... Read more »

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Salon Review: Taylor Taylor, Cheshire Street London

Finding a hairdresser that specialises in colour is a tricky business. I've been through quite a few in my time, and have often been disappointed. There are the ones who'll do a great cut but refuse to experiment with colour... Read more »


Retro flashback: Rageaze Sleek & Shine Wraps

I'm slightly to young to remember the days of hair wraps, but the retro packaging and funky design gives me flashbacks to re-runs of the '70's show, and Golden Girls. With retro beauty being all the rage these days, these... Read more »


Ask the Expert: Haidresser Richard Ward tells you how to protect your hair for Winter

Richard Ward is something of an institution in thehairdressing world. He's the resident hair guru for GMTV, writes regular columns for the Sun,and regularly plays with the tresses of the rich and famous. We were lucky enough... Read more »

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Would you wear ombre hair?

I've never been a big fan of ombre. I think it looks tacky in sweaters and too close to tie-dye in tees. But, strangely, I find this ombre hair dying technique oddly appealing. Don't get me wrong, I don't think I'd ever do... Read more »


Beware of bargain GHD's! A guide to getting the real deal

The old adage 'if it's to good to true it probably is', has existed for a long time, yet still people keep hoping they'll be the one who gets lucky. In the cases of the lottery a very very few people manage to beat the... Read more »

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Product review: Great Lengths Hair Extensions @ Inanch Salon

Hair extensions are one of those beauty treatments that are quite puzzling. On one hand, the idea of long lustrous locks is very appealing, on the other you're wearing somebody ELSE'S hair upon your head. If you can manage... Read more »

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Cloud Nine Hair irons to challenge the might of the GHD's

GHD's have ruled the roost for to long in the world of irons, and it's time for someone else to take the crown. Cloud 9 irons aim to do just that, and since the team behind them used to work on GHD's, I think we're in... Read more »


Have perfect hair every time with the Memory Forme treatment

I wish I could replicate what hairdressers do to my hair. No matter how hard I try it's never as straight, swingy or as shiny as they make it. After I've been I try and leave washing my hair for as long as possible to keep... Read more »


Great Lengths to auction hair extensions for charity

Buying human hair extensions raises ethical questions for a lot of people but there's certainly no need to worry about Great Lengths' collection, which is 100% traceable. And if you buy from them in their forthcoming... Read more »


Salon Review: RUSH salon Tottenham Court Road

The slick chrome and black finishing's that adorn the Tottenham, Court Road RUSH salon are indicative of its newness, and make it look extremely contemporary. The salon is barely two months old, yet the shine from the... Read more »


Sip 'n' Snip: tlc for your fringe at the Fringe

I've just returned from four fabulous days of comedy and culture at the Edinburgh Fringe, where haircare was the very last thing on my mind. That is, until I got caught in the first of many downpours ten minutes after... Read more »


Blonde Lily Allen: Recreate her look with American Dream wig

On Tuesday night Lily Allen rocked a blonde wig and to our surprise it actually looked quite good on her! Although she is no stranger to changing her look (who can forget her stint as a pink lady?) when the pics landed... Read more »