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Review: Teavigo pure and natural green tea extract

Green tea is seen as a near-mythical substance by many due to its sky-high antioxidant content and its potent perking-up properties that work without the dehydrating effects associated with coffee. Some swear by a few mugs... Read more »


Poll: Are you a vitamin pill-popper?

Some people take a cocktail of vitamins every day, while others just stick to a multivitamin. Others take them only when they feel a cold or 'flu coming on while others see them as a pointless waste of money. Madonna... Read more »


Ultimate Bootcamp Weekend Review: Day 4 and Verdict!

Day 4 The final morning of Bootcamp and by 6am I'm ready and dressed downstairs. Yawns keep coming and I can't stop them but knowledge that it's the final day keeps my feet plodding on. We're to weigh in first- and... Read more »


Ultimate Bootcamp Weekend Review: Day 3

Day 3 I stagger to the courtyard for 6am bleary eyed to be greeting by a glass of grape juice which tasted like manna sent from heaven. A short coach drive later we were running round a woodland copse marching in time... Read more »


Ultimate Bootcamp Weekend Review: Day 2

Day 2 A 6am start with clear bright skies and jogging up the hill with lots of racing and interval training is about the opposite to how I spend my Saturday mornings- the only time I'd ever be up this early is if I... Read more »

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Ultimate Bootcamp Review: Day 1

In an attempt to look super svelte at the multiple weddings I'm attending this summer I'm heading down to Devon to try out the Ultimate BootCamp Weekend - think four days of enforced exercise, controlled diets and 5am... Read more »


Polestars Burlesque Class: Review

'C'mon girls, lift those legs like you're competing at dressage- and put some wiggle into it'. Those aren't the usual sort of words you expect to hear on a Monday evening, but seeing as I'm in a burlesque taster session... Read more »


Zara to embark on the Ultimate Boot Camp in the quest for thinner thighs

Hello lovelies. Summer is peeking around the corner, and in the next two month as I have TWO weddings to look forward to. Whilst that's not an ideal situation by any means, the ones I'm going to add a whole extra element... Read more »


The Nada backup chair corrects your posture: Makes you look stupid

Lovingly called the ' Chair that you wear', the Nada chair consists of a 'slouch-busting sling' that aims to support your back however you're positioned. It does this by the fact that you essentially WEAR the chair, and... Read more »


PowerPlates get a garden style makeover from designer Kenzo Takada

We're a big fan of Power Plates here at Shiny, and I was impressed surprised to see that the humble Plate had undergone a designer makeover. Instead of the basic black and silver we know so well, you're privy to a... Read more »

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How to find cheap contact lenses online

I've been a contact lens wearer for many years now and price has always been an issue. It seems really unfair that I have to fork out monthly for something I can't live without, and though I love my glasses. They really... Read more »


T-Bow: Your new fitness friend

Every year there's a new fad available in the fitness-sphere, but the latest trend to hit gyms country wide seems like it might actually stick around. Welcome to the T-Bow an attractive variant of the balance board.... Read more »


Check your boobs out with the Breastlight

We all know we should be checking our breast regularly for lumps and bumps, but how many of you actually do? And when you do, are you sure you're doing it correctly? Well the breastlight aims to make sure you have no... Read more »


Review: Burlesque PowerPlate classes at Core London

Not so long ago I told you about the burlesque PowerPlate options that are available at CORE, well I was so intrigued I just had to go try it for myself. Here's my experience... Power Plates have been around for a... Read more »

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Pocket Fit cards are handy health guides for the on the go girl

First off, I'm going to be straight with you, despite the title, I hate the term 'on the go' as it implies all sorts of slapdashery that I'm simply not comfortable with. But there's no getting around it- that's what... Read more »

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JU Health drinks want to nourish your outside from within

This isn't the first time a drinks manufacturer has tried to sell us on a beauty inducing liquid drink, but this IS the first time they've so blatantly branded each drink with different properties. Each JU drink is... Read more »

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Kiss and Makeup interview the Hoopguy a.k.a John Parnell

Fitness is always a topical subject, but going to the gym has never been more boring (or inaccessible when you look at the snow). You may associate hula hooping with childhood fancies, but do you realize it's actually... Read more »

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Get fit and have fun with Burlesque Power Plate Classes at CORE London

Power Plates are a great way to get fit, as they work on your core strength and tone you up, and because session are so short they're easy to squeeze into your lunch break. Well they just got a whole lot sexier with the... Read more »


Five tips on finding the perfect gym

The first time I went to a gym I left within ten minutes because I was so intimidated by the muscle men working out on the weights. It was full of testosterone and sweat and seemed like a really horrible environment, but... Read more »


The electric bite monitor makes sure you chew your food properly

We're all probably guilty of not chewing our food slowly as high pressure and lack of time means we wolf things down. This can lead to fun stuff like flatulence, bloating and weight gain as you're not aware you're full.... Read more »


The New You Bootcamp : Results Day Diary

Omigod, just realized this is it, I won't be here with all these lovely women anymore- it's over! I slept really badly as real life kept intruding in my dreams, and thoughts of emails and deadlines frustrated me, waking... Read more »


The New You Bootcamp: Day 6 diary

Jog through the morning run rather easily. I can now run all way up hill when before huffed and puffed and had to walk bits. I must be improving as I don't even wince at breakfasts measly potion size, just tuck in and... Read more »

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The New You Bootcamp: Day 5 Diary

Click image to enlarge Lordy is it day 5 already? The early morning runs are starting to feel almost natural and the majority of stiffness has left my joints. I can't believe I'll be gone in two days- what will I do... Read more »


The New You Bootcamp: Day 4 Diary

Back from 6am run. Still feeling queasy and faint, but seem to be speeding up slightly. According the pedometer I'm using I managed to do 5500 steps - wow! I'm sure I've heard that 10,000 is an average days use and to... Read more »

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The New You Bootcamp: Day 3 diary

Today I think I experienced my tantrums and tiara moment, I'd been warned it was coming, but as everyone else has collapsed a day or two ago I smugly thought it had skipped me. How wrong I was. After another early... Read more »

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The New You Bootcamp: Day 2 diary

The early morning runs are still hurting my legs, and I have to stop halfway through to cope with the stitch in mys side. 'C'mon girls, one last stretch!' shouts the sergeant. This is starting to become a common... Read more »

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New You Bootcamp: Day 1 Diary

5.30am Oh my god, it's dark outside. And not the light piddling fake darkness but actual black as night style coverage. And did I mention freezing? I snuggle back under the duvet till the door starts banging and Staff... Read more »

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The New You Bootcamp: Arrival Day

Hi ladies, you may have noticed me missing from the site in the last week, and that's because I've been off in the wilds of Devon on a challenge to lose weight, tone up and generally focus on my health and well being.... Read more »

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Diet tips for healthy hair

From Shiny's US beauty blog, ShinyGloss ... ShinyGloss and KissandMakeup show you all the tricks and treatments to keep your hair looking it's best, but usually we can only work with what you've got. But to improve... Read more »