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Juicy Lubes are like Juicy Tubes for your bits

Anyone notice anything rather familiar about this product? The packaging is cute, small flavoured tubes that you can pop in your pocket, the flavours fresh and fruity, comprising of Strawberry and Kiwi, Passion Fruit,... Read more »

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Product review: Ted Baker Bodywear Lip Gloss

Now I'm a die hard gloss fan. I laugh in the face of matte, grudgingly balm it up when I get really chapped, but generally prefer to be shiny, glossy and hopefully not to sticky all day long. The latest gloss currently... Read more »


Beware! Your lip gloss could increase your risk of Cancer

In summer months we all opt for slightly lighter makeup. We lather on the SPF, bronze up our cheeks, and gloss and bare it. But did you know that the lips are highly susceptible to the suns powerful rays- especially if... Read more »

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Nars releases a nail varnish and gloss in much loved Orgasm

The Nars Orgasm blusher has made its way into cult beauty status, and hence anything bearing the name is guaranteed to be a surefire hit. I for one, really, really want to get my hands on these flattering products in... Read more »


MAC release the limited edition range DRESS CAMP

Monday morning, and a new Mac collection to feast my eyes on! Somehow that makes up for the fact that it will be five more days before I get any serious shut eye again. And what a treat for the eyes! The over the top... Read more »


The Oxymoron lipstick: For a little bit of strange lustre

Who'd have thought my English degree would come in useful in the field of beauty? Obviously spelling and grammar come bundled in with that ( or Spellcheck), but when we get into terms such as oxymoron my heart does... Read more »

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Hard Candy Lollipop lip gloss

Mmm, lollies. Anyone in my office will be able to attest that I'm fairly addicted to Chupa Chups, alternating between the chocolate and vanilla flavour and cherry, and these delicious looking glosses $6 from Hard Candy... Read more »

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Deluxe vs Dirt Cheap: Bourjois Menthol Gloss and Benefit California Kissing

Menthol lip glosses have been around for a little while now, and are definitely here to stay! The mint in the gloss gives you fabulously fresh breath and the faint blue tint makes your gnashers look pearly white. But will... Read more »