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The Father's day guide to presents for men

The Father's day guide to presents for men

Buying beauty products for men can seem a bit dubious until you actually do it - and then you realise that most of them actually love a good moisturiser almost as much as we do. Which is exactly why grooming products make such... Read more »

Molten Brown Mad Men.jpg

Daddy needs pampering too - Father's Day from Molton Brown

When Sally Draper gave Don a badger-bristle shaving brush on the Season 5 premiere of Mad Men , she may have been giving a hint to the rest of us. Molton Brown was way ahead of the game, though, with their Men's... Read more »


Ben Sherman's new fragrance is proudly British

Nothing says British more than a Union Jack and this is just what Ben Sherman have emblazoned over their fragrance- albeit in swishy shiny black 3D with a glossy veneer. Within the beautiful bottle nestles a complex scent,... Read more »


Get Dirty with the new collection from Lush

Lush have revealed their new Dirty Collection which you can tell is aimed at men because it includes something called Toothy Tabs ! Basically toothpaste for the lazy (not that we're making assumptions) these are a new,... Read more »


Boots launch the MyErex range, with some groundbreaking technology

Erectile dysfunction isn't the topic of the average pub conversation, but it is something that affects many men a year, and can lead to much misery and unhappiness. Research has shown that i affects 25% of men aged 18-59,... Read more »

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M&S BODYMAX Pants with 'Front Enhancements' and 'Bum Lifts' go on sale today

I actually can't write anything funnier than the actual release, so here's the official wording for you to enjoy. "The pants consist of two styles; a bum-lift pant (£15) and a frontal enhancement pant (£10). Each style... Read more »


Say hi to the Carzor, the card shaped portable razor

Is it a card, is it a razor, no it's somehow both at the same time. This quirky design really looks at the needs of the man on the go and recognizes there won't always be time to shave in the morning. What does one do,... Read more »


Beat the 'balding shine' with Crystal Clear No Shine Serum

As a woman genetically disposed to excess hair, the issue of baldness isn't one that directly affects me. However there are various men in my life who have to deal with this issue, whether it's a receding hairline or an... Read more »


Soap & Glory launching a men's range

Soap&Glory has built up a strong following with its tongue in cheek products that create great results. The Righteous Body Butter and Scrub your Nose in It are firm favourites with us, so we were pleased to learn they... Read more »


Lacoste Challenge : For men who think they're up for it

Lacoste are launching a new scent which challenges men to be, uh, Challenge(d). The idea is that the scent will capture the essence of today's young metrosexual, and be light enough to wear daily. Considering the... Read more »

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Glamorous men at the Glamour Awards

Perma-pout Ed Westwick had a sharp slicked-back do, which always looks good for formal occasions. Use pomade and a fine-tooth comb to acheive this look, we like Black & White Lite for this. Mark Ronson wasn't... Read more »

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More proof men are becoming metrosexuals: The JAW line defining shaving cream from Ulltra Man

If 2008 was the year that mancake rose to power , 2009 has solidified the metrosexuals place in society. We've featured the rise of Ab Gel and manscara, well now there's another potion available for the looks obsessed... Read more »

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Carry your Lynx Bullet in a custom Lynx wallet

Deodorants aren't the most exciting things in the world, but with nifty ad campaigns and entertaining TV virals, Lynx has carved out a niche in the market. Their latest development is for the Bullet, their new pocket... Read more »

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Lab Series provides skin solutions for the late night drinker

We girls know how it is after a night on the tiles, a quick fall into bad, stopping only to clean the teeth and remove the makeup. If we're smart we'll slather on moisturiser, otherwise we'll wake bleary eyed with... Read more »

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Hilfiger create a scent for the modern man

Men do seem to be doing well in the beauty market nowadays, and they now have a lovely new scent to enjoy. It's called Hilfiger,THE fragrance (OK, I did the capitalizing myself) and is a step up from the childish/ teen... Read more »

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Get your man into grooming with the Lab Series for Men Giftset (including guide!)

Lately I may have been a little negative about men and beauty products, but I do honestly think it's fab that they're more aware of the effect ageing can have on their skin. The latest kit from Lab Series is sure to... Read more »

GROUP Smooth Moose 1.jpg

Product Range review: Moosehead

Mark Turner our favourite metrosexual gives his verdict on the Moosehead range Spending most of my supermarket time between the 'save 3p on sticky, dented, own-brand, multipack cans of diet coke' section and perusing... Read more »

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Groom like Bond with Daniel Craig's beauty products

Click image to enlarge Isabelle from Brandish writes... Quantum of Solace premièred last night and while we wait for the celeb pictures to filter through, take some time out to groom yourself to Bond standards.... Read more »

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Product review: L'Occitan eau de toilette

Click image to enlarge Isabelle from Brandish gives her thoughts on this scent. L'Occitane 's (pronounced OK-SI-TAN) eau de toilette for men is supposed to be the distillation of Provence in the south-west of... Read more »

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Men wearing moisturiser: It's good to be groomed but why must they gabble on about it?

We're used to metrosexual males by now. We're happy that men shave regularly have learnt about moisturising, and on occasion even condition their hair. Hey, it means they're softer smoother and smell better for us, and... Read more »

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Product review: Lab Series antiperspirant deodorant

Our USA correspondent James Moody tries out some posh deodorant, £15 from Escentual and give us his verdict. This is the best antiperspirant deodorant I have ever used. Hands down. I work very hard outside all day... Read more »

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Precision shaving for the very anal

There's nothing worse than a slightly uneven goatee. If you're going to go to all that trouble you have to get it right, and if that involves a shaver/ ruler combo , well, why not? It was been designed by James McAdam... Read more »

Porsche esseence review.jpg

Product review: ESSENCE by Porsche Design

We get our James Moody, our USA metrosexual to give his thoughts on Porsche's foray into the fragrance market. Essence by Porsche Design is a successful parlay into fragrance by the car manufacturer parent group. This... Read more »

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Product Review: Lab Series Ab Gel for Men - cheat your way to a six pack, kinda.

Not so long ago we told you about Ab Series for men, the male equivalent of cellulite cream. Well our Metrosexual Male decided to have a go, and here are his thought on the product. [Note to readers: He came up with... Read more »

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Seven Sweet treats for Monday: Galliano perfume and gorgeous palettes

This week I'm suffering slightly as my weekend was actually SO GOOD that even my fab job pales in comparison. To cheer me up and excite you guys I have seven stunning items to show you, be prepared to drool... CLICK THE IMAGE... Read more »