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Product review: Lab Series antiperspirant deodorant

Our USA correspondent James Moody tries out some posh deodorant, £15 from Escentual and give us his verdict. This is the best antiperspirant deodorant I have ever used. Hands down. I work very hard outside all day... Read more »

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Precision shaving for the very anal

There's nothing worse than a slightly uneven goatee. If you're going to go to all that trouble you have to get it right, and if that involves a shaver/ ruler combo , well, why not? It was been designed by James McAdam... Read more »

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Product review: ESSENCE by Porsche Design

We get our James Moody, our USA metrosexual to give his thoughts on Porsche's foray into the fragrance market. Essence by Porsche Design is a successful parlay into fragrance by the car manufacturer parent group. This... Read more »

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Product Review: Lab Series Ab Gel for Men - cheat your way to a six pack, kinda.

Not so long ago we told you about Ab Series for men, the male equivalent of cellulite cream. Well our Metrosexual Male decided to have a go, and here are his thought on the product. [Note to readers: He came up with... Read more »

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Seven Sweet treats for Monday: Galliano perfume and gorgeous palettes

This week I'm suffering slightly as my weekend was actually SO GOOD that even my fab job pales in comparison. To cheer me up and excite you guys I have seven stunning items to show you, be prepared to drool... CLICK THE IMAGE... Read more »


The rise of Mancake, part 2: Stuart from BB8 launches YSL Touche Eclat For Men

Stuart from BB8 has been posing topless today to try and encourage men to purchase the newest product from YSL, their very own concealer! They says it's the first ever created for men,and it follows in the wake of the... Read more »

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Billy Jealousy creates products for men you'd like to use

When dating a guy there's always that awkward stage when you don't know how much stuff you can leave in their house. Not that you need the stuff, it's just nice to have deep conditioner, makeup remover, moisturiser...... Read more »

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False Eyelashes for MEN! (It's OK, they're 'natural')

The craze in Mancake has reached new levels with Eylure releasing Natural lashes for men. They look just like regular false eyelashes but have an 'invisible' strip which sticks to your eyelids. Hey, I'm sure there are... Read more »

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Burt's Bees create five gift sets for Christmas, including one for men!

Yes, I know we're a long way from munching those pork pies and making out under the mistletoe, but that's no reason not to get excited by what Burt's Bees have to offer. They have five Christmas sets, and each one is... Read more »

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Call It What You Will: The 'Mancake' Revolution

Will Reid, Man about Town muses on the rise in Mancake Male make-up is taking the entertainment industries (that's cosmetics/ fashion/ music and film) by storm. No longer is a touch of bronzer and a dab of lipstick... Read more »


Guyliner: Cos guys want to look good too

I remember how hush hush the launch of Guyliner was. At a press event six MONTHS ago I was sworn to secrecy and if memory serves there may have even been an NDA to sign as well ( a document that means if I write about... Read more »

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Gin & Tonic Cologne: For men who like boozing

I do like a vodka lemonade on a hot summers day (or any day in fact) but I've never wanted to smell like it. True, there have been occasions where 'spillage' occurs, but that's never intentional. So the fact that this... Read more »

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Kenzo launch Kenzo Power, a flowery fragrance.. for MEN

Now there are some hardcore Kenzo fans out there who love the perfume's gentle flowery smell, and delicate bottle, and these are the people who may be slightly surprised when they look at Kenzo's new slimline masculine... Read more »

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Liz Earle release a Cleanse & Polish for men only!

Women of the world rejoice, as no longer will our cosmetics be stolen by our pesky other halves. Yes, Liz Earle in her genius has realized that a LOT of men are using their famous Cleanse & Polish, so she has created a... Read more »


Father's Day Bald Guyz Grooming Kit (only 1 day late!)

Dad may or may not thank you for this kit. Bald Guyz - a line of products for, well, Bald Guys - have come up with a grooming kit just for Father's Day . The kit ($19) promises to provide "the ultimate in care for the... Read more »


Porsche to launch their Essence (scent) and toiletry range

Car connoisseurs and master of design Porsche are taking their powers into the fragrance market, and have created the Essence, a scent they call timeless, with elegance, discretion and simplicity. Read more »

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Lynx 3-in-1: The scent that just keeps on giving

I'm sure you're all familiar with the so called Lynx Effect, after all who could forget those adverts (y'know the ones with the screaming hordes of women chasing the Average Joe) but a common gripe of men of my... Read more »