Diary Of A Nail Biter


Diary of a nail biter - day, er, whatever it is now...

It's wedding season, and recently we've been inundated with suggestions for bridal beauty. Nails Inc are signaling the end of the French manicure, and instead suggesting brides go for their unusual Brompton Road polish... Read more »


Diary of a nail biter, day 23

Firstly, a big word of thanks. I've been amazed at the response I've had to this column. Obviously there are plenty of folks out there who've tried (and failed) to kick the habit as many times as me. Your tips, words of... Read more »


Diary of a nail biter, day 17

Nail biting distaster! I'm afraid I have succumbed. Slowly, as the week has progressed, I've lost three nails on my left hand. First the index finger went because, if I'm perfectly honest, I couldn't stop chewing it. Then... Read more »


Diary of a nail biter, day nine

I thought it was time you guys saw some photographic evidence of my battle to grow my nails, so here goes. Nine days in and as you can see, I actually have nails . Obviously because of the many years of abuse, there's still... Read more »


Diary of a nail biter, day seven

It's been a week since I vowed to stop biting my nails, and I'm very happy to say that I've only bitten one nail. Stealing a tip from my mother (who used to bite her nails and now spends most of her time when we're together... Read more »


Diary of a nail biter, day six

Good news! The bitter nail biting solution has finally worn off and my food now tastes like food again! The downside of that is I'm now working off willpower alone. That and the knowledge that if I fail in my quest to stop... Read more »


Diary of a nail biter, day two

24 hours into my attempt to stop biting my nails, and we may have already encountered a problem. The nail biting solution is working a bit too well. Now everything I've touched - even, I'm guessing, the hamster food - tastes... Read more »


Diary of a nail biter, day one

I wish I could tell you that the disgusting bitten nails in this photo belong to some random guinea pig we've unwittingly roped in to helping us out. Sadly, they don't. They actually belong to me, and I'm very ashamed to be... Read more »