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Jane Iredale : Best of the brand

Jane Iredale is a fantastic brand that doesn't always get as much attention as it deserves. One of the first pioneers of mineral makeup, they're focused on giving you a glowing natural look that lasts . Jane Iredale formed in... Read more »


Get green with Soap & Glory's 2 Minute Rinse

It's getting increasingly more important to do our best to take care of our planet - looking out for organic and sustainable beauty products is a great step in the right direction, but one of the many problems we'll be facing... Read more »


Lancôme Juicy Tubes get a 100% natural makeover

Lancôme celebrated the 10th anniversary of their Juicy Tube lipgloss last year by going green and releasing a limited edition 100% natural collection of the iconic glosses - and they've done the same this year, but this... Read more »


Purity Organic Skincare Conditioning Cleansing Lotion

Yesterday, the boiler in my house packed in. This means we have no hot water - and the cleanser I usually use at night is a foamy business that requires hot water (and I didn't think of boiling the kettle). So in desperation... Read more »


Product Review: Purity Facial Exfoliator

When beauties Elizabeth Jagger and Rachel Weisz are fans of a brand, you know there must be something there. I'm talking about Purity Organic Skincare , a brand that boast fragrance-free , eco-certified products that... Read more »


Product Review: Naked skincare Jojoba 'In The Buff' gentle exfoliating face wash

Face washes are one of those products that all beauty addicts seem to have a strong opinion on. Some prefer a foamy wash, others dislike the mess, and most of us gravitate towards a particular range. One thing that seems to... Read more »


From the makers of Yes to Carrots: Yes to Tomatoes!

We're big fans of Yes to Carrots - one of the first heroes of a new generation of affordable organic beauty products, with a gentle, quenching touch on the skin. The brand, which has since branched out into baby care and... Read more »

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Juice Beauty moves into color cosmetics

Juice Beauty has been a major player in natural and organic skincare since before natural and organic skincare brands were something most people were aware of. As fans of the line, we're excited to see them now branching... Read more »

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Detoxing Beauty for Baby: Mother's Special Blend stretch mark salvation

Stretch marks are probably the number one beauty concern all expectant mother's have in common. Even if you don't suffer from pregnancy acne or itchiness there's no escaping the fact that your skin will be doing some... Read more »

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Detoxing Beauty for Baby: Spectrum Coconut Oil Bodycare

Body moisturizer was one of my biggest concerns when I embarked on this naturalization of my beauty regimen. Firstly, it is almost impossible to find a moisturizer of the consistency that we're all used to without chemical... Read more »

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Product Review: Organic Surge Superintensive Daily Moisturiser

A key ingredient in this moisturiser is organic rose geranium oil, and depending on how scented you like your products this will either put you firmly in the fan or hater zone. The scent is light but distinctive as the... Read more »

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Detoxing Beauty for Baby: Depth Body Wash and Hair Care

Welcome to a new series here on KissandMakeup, Detoxing Beauty for Baby. That's right, I am expecting a baby in August and have been flabbergasted by how it's affected my beauty routine. I figure if I've been surprised and... Read more »


THE ORGANIC PHARMACY - Cleopatra's Milk Bath

I had a pretty stressful set of events this evening and then all changed when I remembered sitting on the side was a pot of Cleopatra's Milk Bath by The Organic Pharmacy ...hmmm I thought ...I need to relax for some me... Read more »


Product Review: Organix organic (duh!) hair products

You may well have heard me whinging in the past about how many organic and 'natural' hair products smell herby, heavy and in no way fresh. For a while, it seemed that this was part of the course for eco-friendly wash stuff,... Read more »


Product Review: Neals Yard rejuvenating Francincense Facial Serum

When Neal's Yard 'rejeuvenated' its Frankincense range a couple of years ago, we loved the lighter, more everyday wearable hydrating cream that is now available to fans of the original, cult status formula. So I was keen to... Read more »


MÁDARA bring you the gift of natural skincare

Natural beauty brand and Kiss & Makeup favourite MÁDARA has already won a place in the hearts of green goddesses all over Europe, following great success in its native Latvia. Until now, it's been a bit of a 'cult' brand,... Read more »


Product Review: JASON satin shower body wash

JASON is one of the longest established makers of 'green' body products, but it's only recently that their range has expanded to include a full range of hair and body goodies for those who want to keep their chemical splash... Read more »


Product Review: La Clarée Oliv' moisturising face cream

It's been a while since any new moisturisers have turned my head, but I recently discovered a good one that's now going head-to-head with my trusty pot of Origins' A Perfect World in the bathroom cabinet. I hadn't heard... Read more »


Lush stores under attack from pro-hunting lobby

Our conscientious friends at Lush have never shied away from throwing their weight behind a cause, but as far as I'm aware this is the first time the company has been the subject of a counter-attack from those who take a... Read more »


Cargo's Plant Love now available in UK at Puresha

If you've been dying to get your hands on Cargo's delicious Plant Love range of biodegradable lipsticks, mineral foundations, blushers and more, you've lucked out today because the scrummy collection is now available... Read more »


Product Review: Organic Surge daily care facewash

I've been interested in green and natural beauty products for as long as the terms have existed, so I'm always excited to try out the latest products - knowing just how far this once tiny industry has come in recent years.... Read more »


Hero products: Laidbare sunflower handcream

I've got extremely sensitive skin, so when I find a more natural prouct that works, I generally stick with it. Why take in all those extra chemicals if there's something a bit more 'pure' that does the job? One of my... Read more »


Competition: Get some green glamour on us!

Do you ever feel you need to detox your beauty cabinet a bit - rid it of some of the parabens, synthetic fragrances and other chemicals when the jury's still out on their safety? 'Natural' beauty has come a long way since... Read more »


REVIEW:Beautiful nails (without cruelty)

As a bit of a newbie to nail-painting and long-time animal lover and vegetarian, I was really looking forward to trying out the nail polish range from the original bunny-friendly brand Beauty Without Cruelty . Having... Read more »

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Andrea Garland vintage lip balm - recycling has never been more attractive

Sarah Fisher writes: Recycling and cosmetics - it sounds an unlikely combination. But UK aromatherapist Andrea Garland has brought both passions together with her all-natural range. Her one-off beauty items are... Read more »

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Industry Interview: Kim Jacob, creator of Angelique

There are so many great skincare brands on offer sometimes it's hard to know where to start looking; and when you do often they don't supply you with what you really desire. Kim Jacobs, world renown makeup artist and... Read more »


Say Yes to stylish lube: The first lubricant I've seen that looks discreet!

Lubricants aren't the most obvious topic for a beauty site but when this sleek bottle popped onto my desk I knew I had to mention it. OK, I haven't actually tried it yer, but I have admired the sleek contours and baby... Read more »

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Elysambre gears up for spring with new brights

Eco brand Elysambre has taken inspiration from the flamboyant colours seen on the catwalks of New York, London and Milan this season for its new spring collection and turbo-charged its palette with a range of bright... Read more »


REVIEW: Madara Moon Flower tinted fluid

Hippyshopper's Abi writes : Winter has not been kind to my skin. It's pale and sensitive at the best of times but after four months of constant battering from wind, rain and lack of sunlight, it's far from looking its... Read more »