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Eau de Toast perfume

Eau de Toast: the most delicious perfume ever?

The scent of hot, buttered, mouthwateringly alluring toast; there's just nothing else like it. Well there is actually - Eau de Toast , the new perfume that smells just like toast. No, this isn't Chloe's next big fragrance -... Read more »

alexabdder mcQueen catwalk hair.jpg

An Alexander McQueen perfume is on the way

Better late than never we guess - Alexander McQueen has joined design houses like Chloe, Vivienne Westwood and Chanel at the party and announced they're launching a fragrance! The brand currently have no perfumes on the... Read more »

reiss grey flower perfume

Reiss creates Grey Flower fragrance for women (and one for men too)

Fans of fashion house Reiss - that includes the Duchess of Cambridge - will be excited to learn about their new project: a fragrance for men and women! The clothing brand are branching out into beauty with two Eau de... Read more »


Donna Karan releases 'Woman' fragrance

Donna Karan is releasing a new fragrance come August in the U.S. and hitting Harrod's later this fall. The perfume will feature a core of sandalwood and Haitian vetiver, the mix also includes orange flower. It is called... Read more »


Escada reissues three of its top Summer fragrance

Escada is renowned for its limited edition Summer fragrances. Each year a new fruity, floral scent is released in the trademark ombre bottle - and fans all around the world collect the scents before they disappear from the... Read more »

la petite guerlain.jpg

La Petite Robe Noire perfume is the best LBD for beauty

The Guerlain perfume house is known for their careful blend of aromatic scents, and the latest launch from them is a light perfume full of passion and prettiness. Entitled 'La Petite Robe Noire' (translation: The small... Read more »


Love Apple? Then you'll like the MacBook Pro perfume

I'm indoctrinated into the ways of Apple up to the point that using any other brand apart from my iPod feels alien and wrong, but i dont have an iPhone (I'm currently a Nokia Lumia 800 girl as you can see here ) and I don't... Read more »


Bruce Willis announces perfume, Lovingly

There hasn't been a really ridiculous celebrity perfume release for a while; I mean, Tulisa 's The Female Boss was quite amusing, but mostly for the name ( the advert for Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom 's unisex... Read more »


Fake Sex and the City perfume tops most confiscated list at US border control

It might have been eight years since the television series ended, and two since the second film, but it looks like the love for Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte still burns - WWD revealed that counterfeit Sex and the... Read more »


Roberto Cavalli talks perfume, possible make up line

Roberto Cavalli is getting ready to launch his first perfume (12th February at Harrods and 7 March nationwide), and in an interview with Style.com to promote it, revealed that it won't be the last we see of him in the... Read more »


4711 sponsor Matthew Williamson at London Fashion Week

We're seeing perfume companies get more involved with fashion shows: last season Jo Malone scented Victoria Beckham 's New York Fashion Week show with their Lime, Basil and Mandarin and Grapefruit candles, and now... Read more »


Get your ready made alibi from Mavericks

Apparently a strip club called Mavericks in South Africa has launched its own brand of perfume - designed to help its customers prove whatever cover story they've given their other half to explain why they weren't home.... Read more »


Lynx - for girls

Well guys, it's official - Lynx is no longer just a scent for teenage boys - the brand is releasing their first ever perfume for girls. The scent is part of their new Lynx Attract range, which includes two bodysprays: one... Read more »


Frankincense trees could go extinct

A sad but fitting story on Christmas Eve Eve - Frankincense may soon be a thing of the past! The resin - which of course was one of the three gifts that were bestowed on baby Jesus by the three wise men - used in many... Read more »


Jo Malone London In Bloom: Three floral scents

Jo Malone London in Bloom scents are Jo Malone's first foray into bottles that look slightly different, each featuring an image of the notes they contain within. There is also no label on the back of the bottle so you... Read more »

l_eau_de _chloe.jpg

Look at L'Eau de Chloé

L'Eau de Chloé is sooo pretty - launching in March, the fragrance contains distilled rosewater, patchouli and citrus notes, and according to Vogue is reminiscent of "layers of chiffon in bright sunlight", "bare feet... Read more »


Relax with Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh advert

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh was released in 2007, but the television advert has only just been released! We were feeling a bit stressed just now but after watching the whimsical 30-second video, we're... Read more »

rihanna_rebelle.jpg (Hero)

Check out Rihanna's second perfume Rebelle

We told you in May (it really doesn't seem that long ago) that Rihanna 's second perfume was in the pipeline - and now we have a name, a picture (basically it's got the same bottle as Reb'l Fleur but red) and a scent... Read more »

CFDA_Awards_Lady_Gaga.jpg (Hero)

More details on Lady Gaga's Monster

So we were all alarmed to hear that Lady Gaga was planning on releasing a perfume smelling of blood and semen - and we've got good news: that wasn't strictly true. It seems like blood and semen will be in the scent, but... Read more »

jo_loves_selfridges.jpg (Hero)

Jo Loves launches at Selfridges

On Monday I was invited to the launch of Jo Malone 's new fragrance brand Jo Loves (which we told you about way back in March ) which took place in her pop up stand in Selfridges beauty hall before the store opened (that's... Read more »