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Product Review: Xen Tan Scent Secure destroys that fake tan smell

I do love fake tanning but it's always fraught with issues. The first problem is how uneven home application can be (trust me, I have tried enough times to know that somewhere will be patchy) and also quite how pungent the... Read more »


NuBo Post Injection Treatment Serum Product Review

Recently I told you all about NuBo Post Injection Treatment Serum, a product to help minimize those small pinprick marks you get after a Botox treatment (or other cosmetic surgery). I've just had a session, so can fill you... Read more »


Review: MAC Quite Cute I ♥ U Plushglass

I told you all how excited I was about MAC 's Quite Cute collection - the selection of candy-coloured products had me practically salivating. One of the products I tried is the Plushglass in I ♥ U . Plushglass is... Read more »


Origins Quick, Hide! Long Wearing Concealer Review

I'm a big fan of concealers but I find it really hard to find one that sinks into the skin, as many look rather obvious on the surface. I really liked the Origins Quick, Hide concealer as the consistency was very creamy... Read more »


Sincare Sugar Hit Australian Booster Serum Product Review

Not so long ago I told you all about the Australian brand of face serums called Sincare and now I've had a chance to try them out for myself. The Sincare brand is very unique in the fact that they address changes in the... Read more »

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Yardley London Royal English Daisy fragrance collection

Yardley of London is a brand with a huge amount of history. Created in 1770 it has been on the scene for any years, and you may (like me) have memories of your grandmother applying lavender Yardley scent to her ears and... Read more »

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Product Review: OPI Nail Apps

OPI's foray into the world of Nail Wraps is with a product called OPI Nail Apps , which are very similar to the likes of Nail Rock and Rebel Nails that have been big on the nail scene lately. Well, imitation is the... Read more »


Product Review: First Aid Beauty FAB Cleanser

I was quite excited to get my hands on First Aid Beauty products, as they're a new range which is always interestiing. Designed by Lilli Gordon, the range aims to be a one stop shop for all beauty woes, from eye creams... Read more »

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Can a collagen infused food menu boost your skintone? We try the Eat Yourself Beautiful menu at Gilgamesh

Japanese people are a crazy bunch, They love kawaii nails, knee high socks, and they'll happily take part in karaoke without needing shots first. The current trend in Japan is for menus of food infused with edible collagen... Read more »


Product Review: Transformulas Hydration Gold Anti-Ageing Recovery Crème with 23 Carat Gold

A golden glow is something many women aspire too, but it doesn't normally involve applying 23 carat gold to their faces. With the Transformulas Hydration Gold Anti-Ageing Recovery Crème that's just what you get, a cream... Read more »

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Lumie Zip Portable SAD lamp Product Review

Some people are Winter people, some people are Summer people. I'm a heating up to 30 degrees no matter what the weather, a happiest when hot and in small shorts kinda girl, and nothing will ever dissuade me from that. I... Read more »


OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Collection Swatches

I got some samples of the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean collection to try, so I thought I'd show you how the colour looks on the nail. I loved the ' Mermaid's Tears ' shade in the pictures, and I love it just as much on... Read more »

Product Review: Revlon Scented Nail Polish

Product Review: Revlon Scented Nail Polish

We did a Yay or Nay on Revlon 's Scents Of Summer a little while back , and we've finally got our hands on some! To recap, Scents of Summer is a line of scented nail polish, with eight colours and scents. You guys were... Read more »


Nail of the Day: Estee Lauder Pure Color Mega Fuchsia and Wicked Green

I love nail varnish- a bright hand can totally lift my mood and I find that my fingers seem to dance over the keyboard when they're adorned with a pretty shade. The new Estee Lauder line of Pure Color (they use American... Read more »


Product Review: Accessorize Eyeshadows

How can you not love an eyeshadow that has butterflies printed all over the packaging? I know.. it's impossible not too right? Thankfully Accessorize gave us more than just a pretty pot as their super cheap shadows are... Read more »


Taste Test: Rodial Crash Diet Smoothie's

This is a difficult post to write about Rodial, and one I have been sitting on for a while. I love a lot of Rodial products (their Glamotox mask and Glam Balm to name a few) and have always been a fan of their tongue in... Read more »


Product Review: Herbal Essences Dazzling Shine Light Reflecting Intensive Mask

Hair masks are ten a penny nowadays, but very now and then you come along one that really stands out from the crowd. The Herbal Essences Dazzling Shine Light Reflecting Intensive Mask is one of those, looking innocuous... Read more »


Product Review: Lord and Berry Black Red Vogue Semi Matte lipstick

Amongst the sea of pillar box reds, barely there nudes and sheer washes it's refreshing to see something so unashamedly in your face, that isn't trying to be girly, and that screams power more than any tailored suit or... Read more »


Product Review: Ministry of Waxing Ice Cream Lotion

I finally got around to trying out the post-waxing/plucking Ice Cream lotion from Ministry of Waxing a few days ago - well I say I, actually I used it on a friend after she had some trouble after shaping her eyebrows. It... Read more »


Fragrance Review: Gucci Guilty

They had me at oriental floral. I've been intrigued by Gucci Guilty from the beginning, both the name and the bottle seemed very sexy. So that sexiest of all holidays, Valentine's Day, seemed the perfect time to try it out.... Read more »