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S5 Calm Serum Organic skincare | Kissandmakeup.tv

S5's prescription for stressed-out skin

'Stress', in skincare terms, can mean anything from scars and sun damage to redness and wrinkles brought on by the ravages of age - and if you've got as far as adulthood without the environment wrecking some degree of havoc on... Read more »


Time to switch your cleanser for summer? Selections from Christine Chin

Winter skin and summer skin can be very different. The hot temperatures, humidity and sweat can turn even the most mild complexion into an oil slick. That's why it's important to adjust your skin care routine for climate. A... Read more »

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Lancome Visionnaire Product Review- High tech anti ageing serum

Lancôme's latest product is touted as a super serum, but can that intriguing blue bottle really have the answer to your skincare woes? Created using the LR 2412 molecule to give the skin a luminous quality, the molecule gets... Read more »

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Nanoblur: the quick fix way to lose a decade

On Monday we hit up London's trendiest and most notorious nightclub The Box for a secret beauty launch, which turned out to be Nanoblur , a new product from Canada which promises to erase up to 10 years of ageing in... Read more »