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My Muddy Valentine: Chocolate Serail for two at ImagineSpa

It's around this time of year that most couples start to panic quietly about how to treat each other when Valentine's Day rolls around - in just over a week's time. Yup, that's how long you've now got to organise something... Read more »

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Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening

In recent years teeth whitening has becoming something available to everyone- not just celebrities. Whilst it's great we can all have pearly whites, some people are unscrupulous and use dangerous materials, that strip... Read more »

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Dolphin Square Spa Review

Hidden in Pimlico lies a secret spa that offers Moroccan themed massages and treats. Down an innocuous road hidden below a fitness centre there is another world, one full of scented candles, lounge cushions and muted teak... Read more »


Dermaquest Botanical Stem Cell Facial Review at Destination Skin

Say the words 'Stem Cell facial' to people and they tend to react quite oddly. The words 'Stem Cell' seem to evoke some primal form of fright, as though all those science classes they've forgotten have now come back to... Read more »

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Fish pedicures could spread HIV and hepatitis C

We've written about fish pedicures a lot on Kiss and Makeup since we first saw them back in 2008 , so we were slightly alarmed to see them all over the newspapers this morning after it was revealed that the treatment... Read more »


Celebrity tan expert James Harknett teams up with AWAY Spa

As it gets nearer to being properly winter, a golden tanned glow will soon be out, and 'pale and interesting' back in again - if you want to stay looking bronzed a little while longer, the AWAY® Spa at the new W London... Read more »


Lush The Spell Treatment sounds intriguing

Lush have launched a brand new treatment at their Lush Spa: The Spell , a 60 minute treatment based on a traditional foot massage, but with an intriguing-sounding "supernatural riff". As well as leaving you with prettily... Read more »


Be good this Easter with Glorious Spa's Chocolate Treatments

If you're planning to forgo the best excuse to eat as much chocolate as you can in favour of getting bikini ready for summer, we have good news: you can still get involved with the Easter fun without ingesting a single... Read more »

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Whittlebury Hall Day Spa GELeration Day Review

Whittlebury Hall outside Whittlebury Hall Day Spa Pool Whittlebury Hall gives a striking first impression as you pull up the long drive towards the imposing house. The grounds are green and lush and the... Read more »


Wahanda make Mother's Day easy with a £20 The Sanctuary Spa Skincare Kit

Wahanda is amazing. You can get people great gifts, while saving some money and you look really generous. Amazing. They have an awesome deal today, just in time for Mother's Day: they're basically giving away The... Read more »


Benefit Cosmetics get involved with the Mad Hatter's Couture parties

What could be nicer than an evening full of wine, nibbles, and makeup? Why millinery of course , especially when you have someone on hand to take you through the steps that create a fascinator. Benefit is getting involved... Read more »


So Be Beauty Salon Review

Penge is not the first place you think of when it comes to beauty treatments, but I was pleasantly surprised when I encountered the So Be Beauty salon. Situated on a busy high street, it was a modern day oasis, with funky... Read more »


Yay or Nay: The Snake Massage

No, that's not a nickname, that is exactly what you think it is. The Ada Barak's Carnivorous Plant Farm Spa in Israel offers a massage with a difference to its clients: for $70 they will release a load of snakes onto... Read more »

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Molton Brown Around the World in 80 Days Gift Set Review

Regular readers of this blog will know that I'm a big fan of baths. I love nothing more than to settle down into a bubble filled tub, cutesy shower cap firmly in place and candles flickering, with a great big novel ready... Read more »


Treatment Review: Blossom and Jasmine Mobile Beauty Treatments

Today I live in a very time poor society. What with work, friends, travel time and family commitments, me time is in very short supply. Sure, we all love the thought of a massage or facial, but realistically- how do you... Read more »


The Spa comes to the Bar at Trafalgar hotel

London's Trafalgar Hotel is a truly impressive venue with a bar that's much loved by those who are serious about their cocktails and appreciate a moment of calm in the heart of the city. But one thing the hotel has always... Read more »

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The Womb Room spa: Yes, for realzies

There are so many spas nowadays, that everyone is trying new gimmicks to stand out, and the latest oddity to hit the block is a spa with a dedicated WOMB ROOM. No, not some sort of new age birthing area, but a room... Read more »


The Sanctuary's new 'Facial in a Box' set

When you write a lot about beauty, you become quite used to wishing that products and treatments really did what they were supposed to do. The vast majority don't, of course, and it gets a little disheartening when another... Read more »


Champney's Tring and Marbella Health Club - My Spa Day full of Pamper!

We live in the UK in 2010 and lead such hectic lives trying to complete so many tasks in one day...week...month we need that little treat to rejuvenate. Need a break! Well I did so I headed off to the spa for the day at the... Read more »


Spa Review: City Point Club, London

Last week, I finally got around to using my Wahanda spa vouchers , which I'd been looking longingly at every day for a few hectic weeks when I was too busy to take a much needed day off. But after one late night too... Read more »


Write up your spa experience to help Charity: Water

Spa visits certainly promote health and happiness in the individual, but until now the pleasure has been entirely a self-indulgent one. Now, however, you can make a small gesture towards helping those less fortunate than... Read more »


What do you look for in a spa?

My birthday's coming up in a few weeks, and I'm in the (admittedly enviable) position of trying to decide where to spend some Wahanda spa vouchers . I want to do something relaxing; to spend the best part of a day somewhere... Read more »