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Three of the best: Vampy lipsticks

Make like Rochelle Wiseman this Halloween with a vampy lip. We spotted Rochelle's vampy lips all over the winter catwalks. It's the easiest way to rock the '90s trend without digging out your dungarees, Walkman and... Read more »


Buy YSL Touche Eclat for just £13

Remember we told you about BuyaPowa - a co-buying website that lets you join a sale of a product, the price of which drops the more people that commit to it - and how they were going to try and help us get our favourite... Read more »


You need Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

As is the same with many beauty writers, it is very rare I finish an entire bottle of any product before I'm onto another one that I'm reviewing. My cleanser and moisturiser change constantly, but there is one skincare... Read more »


Beauty products you NEED in the new year

A new year is a good chance for a fresh start! And while I can't help you turn over a new leaf in your personal life, or stick to that resolution to be more organised/stop being a lairy drunk/learn how to cook something... Read more »


THE ORGANIC PHARMACY - Cleopatra's Milk Bath

I had a pretty stressful set of events this evening and then all changed when I remembered sitting on the side was a pot of Cleopatra's Milk Bath by The Organic Pharmacy ...hmmm I thought ...I need to relax for some me... Read more »


Top Ten: Concealers

For many of us concealer is a just-can't-live-without it product. Like foundation it is the one makeup essential we rely on to really work. A bad cover-up can highlight a blemish rather than disguise it! Where as a good... Read more »


Cult classics: essential beauty products nobody should be without

With many of us credit-conscious at the moment there is nothing worse than spending £25 on a new 'must-have' then shoving it to the back of your draw when it does nothing for you! New products come and go but only very... Read more »


Summer Beauty: Makeup for a beach holiday

With Ibiza season in full swing and the get-away months creeping up on us it's time to sort out our holiday makeup bags. There's some fabulous makeup this season, designer and budget, so we have put together a selection... Read more »

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The Kiss and Makeup Beauty Awards 2008: Lipbalm of the year

Winner: Benetint Lipbalm SPF 15 This is great because it feels wonderful on the lips and leaves a really rich cherry colour, perfect for protecting your lips from the wind, but still providing moisture and colour.... Read more »

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The Kiss and Makeup Beauty Awards 2008: We'll be bringing you the 40 best NEW products

2008 is almost over, but that doesn't mean you should just give up and go home, as there are still a lot of shopping days left till Christmas and exciting sales/snow/hangovers to look forward to. We've been compiling the... Read more »

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Dermalogica to launch the mediBac clearing range for Adult Acne

I've recently started suffering from breakouts again ( a combination of stopping Dianette and eating lots of ice cream) and am gettign tired of staring disconsolately in the mirror. A lot of spot treatments around are to... Read more »

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Product review: Clarins Summer Fever Sun Blush

First off I have to quibble with the products description. It calls itself a blush, but the lovely coppery gold loose powder could be better described as a bronzer. The little pigments really lighten and lift the skin,... Read more »


Kiss and Makeup's top dry shampoo - Klorane gentle shampoo with oat milk

I've long been a fan of dry shampoo - it adds volume and texture to the hair and is brilliant for oily roots - but Klorane's version takes it to another level. Because I overslept to prove just how good it is, I came... Read more »

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Johnson's Baby Oil: Icon or Ad Con?

Does Johnson's baby oil really deserve the iconic status everybody gives it? In the beauty industry Johnson's baby oil is one of the most popular and unrivalled beauty products of all time and has been an "iconic beauty... Read more »