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Makeup continuity stickers: Sweet!

There's something about these stickers that I really like OK, I'm no Monica, but the idea of having an easy way to write down your different makeup looks strikes me as quite smart. At $12.50 from the Alcone Company... Read more »

Kiss in 3d.png

Kiss me in 3D lets you practise your Valentine day kisses virtually!

Feel like you need to practise your smooching skills? Kiss me in 3D aims to teach you the tricks of the trade, from full on frottage to tender butterfly kisses. Simply go to the site, select the sex of you choice (the... Read more »


Brad and Angelina immortalised in lipstick

Feel Unique have created two lipstick figurines of Brangelina in honour to the couples perfect pouts. Sculptor Willard Wigan spent over 50 hours painstakingly carving this luscious pair, which measure 9mm tall and 4mm... Read more »


Get a tan from your computer screen with ComputerTan.com

Wouldn't it be great of you could tan indoors? Why waste money going to salons if your computer screen- yes, the one you sit at EVERY day could give you a golden glow? If that's what you desire check out Computer Tan!... Read more »


Crazy eyelash extensions freak me out

We're no stranger to hair extensions here at Kiss and Makeup, and we've even tried out eyelash extensions as well, but when I get thicker lashes I don't normally experience this kind of length. In fact, I sometimes... Read more »


Hello Kitty/Slendertone mashup

OK, I'm still carrying a couple of Christmas pounds, and as it's nearly Feb (with the dreaded Valentine's day looming, I feel like I should get my arse into gear. And naturally, being the doyenne of the sofa, I'd like a... Read more »


The Rolling Razor: Are 6 blades better than 3?

I'm a big fan of the Venus razors, but as they say, progression is a way of life, and despite their multi-razor head being possibly the best one on the market, there's a new contender. This is the Rolling Razor which... Read more »


The Tattoo that features Breast Implants: Hmm

Now some people like tattoos, and some don't and the same normally goes with surgically enhanced breasts. Normally I say it's up to the individual to do what they like with their body, but when it comes to this- tattoos... Read more »

smooth leg.jpeg

The Venus Leg escalator gives you a super smooth journey

Venus, the makers of the fabulous Venus razors have been up to some rather strange advertising of late. Trendhunter reports how they've been involved in some guerrilla advertising, with the escalator that looks like a... Read more »


The Japanese Breath palette might make you smile

Brushing your teeth is an everyday part of life, unless your incredibly unhygienic, but it has become so routine that it's rare for any new product to cause much interest. I have to say these strange toothpastes, $6 from... Read more »


My Beautiful Mommy: Helping Kids understand cosmetic surgery

With more and more people going under the knife, it's no surprise that some kids are getting a little upset about the whole thing. After all, you grow up being told that hospitals are scary places you go when you're... Read more »